Agriculture is a key economic sector in many countries around the world. As it is such a crucial sector, it is increasingly important to enhance it through improvement in information and communication processes. The use of Information Communication Technology is set to achieve this by enabling information and knowledge about different phases (for example fertilization, pest management, harvesting, worker management, etc) and critical data to be delivered in an accurate, complete, concise and timely manner for decision making and analysis. The information provided by the system must be in user-friendly form, easy to access, cost-effective and well protected from unauthorized accesses.

e-Komoditi is a pioneer in developing solutions for the plantation industry, specifically for oil palm plantations. Our tried and tested solutions incorporate the industry’s best practices and decades of industry know-how.

We are currently offering 3 products specifically for the agriculture industry.

In-field Data Execution & Analytics Solution

IDEAS is a Plantation Management Software developed with over 30 years of in-field plantation management experience. IDEAS has been designed with the industry best practices and knowledge to help estates to efficiently manage their daily operations. It has been implemented in more than 60 estates in worldwide.

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GIS Integrated Estate Management Solution

GEMS is the next generation plantation management solutions. Using GIS and GPS technologies, GEMS provides vital decision support and management tools that provides spatio-temporal analysis for site planning, site parameter plotting, real time inspection and traverse recording, & many more.

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e-Commodity Trading System

eCTS provides comprehensive support to handle all your contracts throughout their lifecycles using commodities specific terms and conditions. eCTS will help you more effectively control and track all AR and AP settlements with your business partners.

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